Area of Operations (Phase System)ΒΆ

The campaign is divided into different Area of Operations (AO): * AO 1 - United Arab Emirates & Oman

  • AO1 South - Al Dhafra, Al Ain, Abu Dhabi

  • AO1 Central - Al Maktoum, , Dubai, Sharjah, Al Minhad, Fujairah

  • AO1 North - Ras Al Khaimah, Khasab

  • AO2 - United Arab Emirates & Iran

  • AO2 West - Sirri, Abu Musa, Tung, Kochak, Kish, Bandar Lengeh

  • AO2 Central - Lar Qeshm, Bandar Abbas

  • AO2 East - Bandar-e-Jask

  • AO3 - Iranian Inland - Shiraz, Kerman, Jiroft

Each AO contains at least one HUB airport, some have several. This HUBs are important and may disrupt the enemies ability to perform combat actions in their respecitve area. Capture these HUBs can force the enemy to ground their cap, hinder their ability to rearm air defenses and similar actions.

They are by nature important strategic value and are also defended as such! Each AO also have a blue tanker assigned. In the beginning of the mission there is a USAF KC-135 tanker patrolling just south of the border to AO1 South.

Once the progression moves, the ability to call in a tanker to the other areas are given to the players.

In each AO there will also be several strike targets to destroy. These targets can open up rewards such as slots, defense abilities such as Patriots, or ability to call in reinforcements.


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