Our main way of communicating is discord. Here is where you will get all updates on changes that will be done, fixes that are applied, and other server related events. Here you can also report bugs, post screenshots and videos as well as find players to fly with.

There are also voicechannels wich can be used for communicating whilst playing aswell.

Join us @ https://discord.gg/PEFr9xE


We have our own SRS server wich we encourage people to use when playing here. Teamwork is essential in this mission, you wont get far by doing that lonewolf thing.

SRS server: redsands.myftp.org:5004

There is also an option on the F10-menu to check server adress and important freqs.

Radio presets and & frequencies

Since all aircrafts have different radio setups, we have programmed our slots to only have a few presets. Other freqs must be turned manually.

261 is our Joint Operations (J/OPS) frequency, wich is used to get in touch with other flights, talk with the Human AWACS if its availible and other reasons.

Outside of listed frequencies flights are allowed to tune into their own inter-flight frequency.




261.000MHz (UHF)

AWACS (E-3 Sentry)

131.000MHz (VHF)

AWACS (E-2 Wizard)

131.500MHz (VHF)

Tanker (Texaco)

141.000MHz (VHF)

Tanker (Shell, Stennis)

144.000MHz (VHF)

Rotary Wing

30.000MHz (VHF)


Log into SRS and Discord, make your presence known and ask if you need help!