Helicopters can start from airbases and farps. Before choosing a slot, each player should check whats needed for the mission, where to take-off from? Where do I need to fly?

Only helicopters can capture airbases and farps, so its very important that the pilot that chooses to fly knows where his time is needed!

We use CTLD as our form of logistic usage.

Only helicopters can carry infantry and crates, and there are certain limitations to what each helicopter can carry.

Helicopters should be on comms to have contact with overhead aircrafts.

You can use 261.000MHz for general communications, but 30.000MHz is dedicated for rotary wing or rotary wing <-> fixed wing communications.

Infantry and crates are picked up at the landing pads. Usage: F10>Other>CTLD

For more in-depth information visit: https://github.com/ciribob/DCS-CTLD#contents


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