There are a few tankers that might be availible for som Air-Air-Refueling (AAR) around the AO.

Based out of Liwa Airbase is an USAF KC-135MPRS, that patrols the southern border of AO1 South. This tanker will move with the progress.

When progress is made, and the front moves further away, a new tanker can be requested from the F10-menu.

Additionally there is a S-3 Viking Tanker patrolling around the USS John C. Stennis that are a part of Task Force Talon, wich patrols east of the AO1.

They can assist you whenever you are running low on fuel and either dont have time to return to base, or are just dangerously low on fuel.

Sometimes they also need to refuel, and during this time they arent availible.


This system is still a Work-in-Progress and might not be fully functional!


Log into SRS and Discord, make your presence known and ask if you need help!